"Generalist, specialist, multi-disciplinarian, child at heart, focused, highly-skilled , flexible, synergistic, daydreamer, adaptable, renaissance type".




I’ve always harbored an inner desire to understand and experience darn near everything - the “grown-up gets to live out the childhood ultimate field trip fantasy” thing; But I grew up, (sort of) and realized even the most insomniac-ridden among us only gets the same 24 hours. Lord knows, I am truly grateful for this life; I’d be an idiot and a jerk if I wasn’t. But what I have come to appreciate about my slightly scattered mind is a need to explore the omnipresent connections “between” things.

I am the metaphor king, or so I’m told.


Feels a little like putting on a coat only Wes Anderson could love, and everyone you know says, “it fits nicely Michael, go with it”.


(They also tell me to not to talk so much).

Fat chance.

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As a native of Utah, the “Beehive state” is a wonderful place to practice advertising photography, skiing, outdoor sports, child rearing, adult rearing, cinematography, and keen observation - not kidding about that.

Really, I’ll shut up now.

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